Global Preferences

The options in this section can only be configured by managers or administrator users.

Administrator and Manager users have a specific section to set up Global Preferences for the Editor which will be applied for all users on the platform.

Prevent users from typing over predefined text-length constraints for each segment. 

This global configuration is enforced in all running projects for a given platform. If enabled, users cannot continue typing in a segment once they reach the configured character limitation (or segment size constraint).


  • Users can define text lengths for all segments with a batch action or set them individually by segment.
    When working with Excel or XML source files, users can define the text length of each cell or string based on the values found in a column or xml property. The configuration for these options can be done in the text extraction profiles (see this example with an Excel configuration).

Prevent users from skipping segments when running a QA in a mandatory QA scenario

This option allows administrators to enforce that all QA issues must be resolved by a worker before they can close their jobs. If you enable this option, users will no longer be able to change configurations in the QA settings. They won't be able to exclude green segments from a QA check.

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