Order Management

Managing order requests using the client portal

You can register client requests to ease the creation of projects by using any of the forms available in the system. Each of the forms offers some different levels of automation, which could help you save time to start the work required as fast as possible. 

The following pages show how to handle orders submitted with both types of forms and for each type of project:

Form to be processed manually by manager users

Forms to be accessed via the client portal 

and can be configured for an automated workflow from project creation to completion. 

When an order is submitted, a project can be created in the system.

The Classic order form is integrated into your website and is typically used for clients who are not (yet) in the system. 


Before a project can be created in the system, you will need first know who is the client that requested your services, and this company may not yet exist in the system. In most cases, the client will need to be added.

The classic order form allows you to enter basic information about the services you provide you can post in your website so your potential customers reach out to you for a quotation or more details. You will always need to process these requests manually.

The New order form allows you to register requests for existing clients for an automated "self-service" approach.

MT Hive form


MT Hive form settings

Allow your clients to ask for post-editing services when MT translation offers not the expected results.

Additionally, you can decide to manually create a project and later on attach an order to it, allowing direct client-manager communication via the platform. This becomes helpful when the teams on both sides need to have access to the global progress and background exchanges of the requested services:

Manually attach order to existing project

Managing changes in order requests

If clients have new requirements about their original order request, such as deadline changes, new versions of the file to be worked on or attach reference material to help translators to complete their task, you will need to update the details of the order: 

Managing work to be done

For all activities that happen to meet your clients request, you will need to browse the pages related to project management:

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