Global Search tool

Global Search allows users to search for a term or sentence across all resources in Wordbee Translator. It is accessible from the main dashboard as well as the My Company tab.

As a manager you can select which client/s and supplier/s can search the resources in the platform via Global Search, giving them access to all resources or specific resources assigned to them, defined in the client profile/s and also in the profile of the resource itself.

On this page you will learn how to configure and use Global Search:

When setting up the Global Search you will need to cover the following areas of the platform:

When a word or segment is typed into the search field, all resources are searched to locate any occurrence of the entered text for both source and target languages. The system will find the entered term or segment and show its location without the need to track it down in each resource or without opening the online editor.

This feature becomes really useful when certain words have not been translated appropriately. Then, the Global Search can be used by internal users or suppliers to find the word, segment, or sentence to:

  • Verify a translation.

  • Ensure accurate translations. 

  • Make suggestions.

  • Fix a translation. 

If you also have the client portal add-on, the client will be able to use Global Search as well. This is helpful when they want to propose a different translation. They can make suggestions, but cannot actually modify the translation. This has to be done internally via Global Search.

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