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Wordbee Translator comes with a powerful and web based API that lets you interact with (almost) any data of a Wordbee Translator platform.

You have two different web based APIs to choose from:

System API, version 1

The System API lets you retrieve and manipulate (almost) any data of the system: Projects, Jobs, Clients, Suppliers, Workflows, Invoices, Word counts, Memories, Translations.

Use cases for this API are:

  • Integrate Accounting, CRM or TMS Systems
  • Create new projects, jobs, clients and suppliers.
  • Extract information for logging purposes.

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User API

The User API gives access to a limited set of Wordbee Translator features and data. It expects regular Wordbee Translator credentials when connecting.

Use cases for this API are:

  • Access the MT Hive tool from desktop or apps.
  • Propose enhanced machine translation facilities to clients

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System API, version 2

Version 2 of the System API will gradually replace version 1. Among many other things it comes with a feature-complete set of methods to retrieve and manipulate segments and translations.

Version 2 also improves on authentication. You can now create dedicated API keys for any login and the API will allow to only interact with the data to which the login has access (based on the configured user profile).

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Web Hooks

Wordbee Translator can be configured to call web URLs with selected events in your platform.

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