Terminology Extraction Tool

What is a terminology extraction tool?

A term extractor is a tool that offers automatic terminology extraction of a text to create a list of relevant terms. Also known as terminology mining, this operation simplifies the process of creating glossaries. In Wordbee, terminology can be presented in several ways, ranging from simple glossaries to complex concept-based termbases, which means that all the terms, their variants, synonyms and target-language equivalents designating a single concept are stored in a single terminological entry. Read more about how to get started with the terminology extraction tool here.


Access the Terminology Extraction module

To use the term recognition component and see the credit included in your Wordbee subscription, proceed as follows:

  • Go to Settings and select Licenses & Usage from the drop-down menu.

  • Go to Details and open the Terminology Extraction tab to see its status and the credit available.

If you reach the limit for the monthly extractions, get in touch with your Wordbee Account Manager to purchase more credit.


Term Extractor main features and benefits

The main features and benefits of Wordbee Terminology Extraction module include:





Term mining

Use any file or group of files from your project for term extraction. The tool recognizes possible terms from monolingual or multilingual documents, making it possible for your team to get started with their terminology work.

File type support

You can run term extraction for any file you have already marked for online translation in a project.

See Document formats supported in Wordbee Translator.

Languages supported

Languages currently supported by the term extraction tool are: Chinese (zh), English (en), French (fr), German (de), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Portuguese (pt), Spanish (es).

However, terminology collections can be created in any of the languages the system supports. See Supported Languages in Wordbee Translator.

Manage terms in collections and create a term base

You can group the results of several term extractions into a single term collection and create a Termbase. Once you put term collections into a Resource, you can assign it to one customer or one project.

Easy sharing and collaboration

You can share the results of any terminology extraction in an Excel template for your team of terminology editors and localizers to easily clean-up the results, coin the right terminology and keep terms and concepts documented. These templates are available in any term collection so as to ease the creation of termbases with terms and convenient examples.

TBX 3.0 compatible

The feature is compatible with the latest industry standard. The terminology assets you will create and import into the system follow the TermBase eXchange standard (TBX 3.0), which is an open, XML-based international standard used for exchanging structured terminological data. This offers the following advantages:

  • You can edit the TBX fields and define the structure of your termbase as you wish.

  • You are able to import and export TBX files created in other tools without worrying about the structure of your termbase or loss of information.

Terminology check

With the help of the QA Terminology Check, you can verify whether translators have actually used the terms stored in the database. See QA Configuration.


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