Feature Overview

Wordbee Translator is a comprehensive web-based Translation Management System (TMS) that you can customize to meet your localization needs regardless of the sector you are working in. As an end-to-end system, it can be used to manage complex multilingual projects with real-time collaboration, automation, and high-security standards. Its approach is completely centralized, allowing companies, translators, project managers and clients to participate in the process of a job, each completing their respective task all inside Wordbee. No need for complicated platform changes or email correspondence to effectively manage your translation needs.

Main features

  • Integrated Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) and Terminology Management tool: Wordbee Translator allows translators, proofreaders and terminologists to work collaboratively in the same interface.

  • Collaborative job handling: Wordbee’s cloud-based nature makes translation and revision easier as virtual teams can collaborate on the same document and discuss the terminology-related problems instantly via the Live Commenting feature.

  • Project management features: Both clients and project managers are able to monitor the progress of jobs in real-time. Project managers can pre-define translation and revision workflows, assign jobs, prepare price lists and quotations, and generate invoices automatically.

  • No operating system and desktop configuration dependency: To use Wordbee Translator, all you need is a web browser and an active Internet connection!

  • Compatible with other tools: As we support standards and interoperability, you can export your work from Wordbee for use in other translation and localization tools and vice versa.

  • Smooth integration of other source content repositories: You can use the Wordbee Beebox connectors and API to automatically extract content from your CMS, DMS or EMS and assign translation jobs to your team in Wordbee Translator instance. When the translation is finished, Beebox will push the localized content back to your content source.

You can use Wordbee Translator to manage your localization projects anywhere, anytime!



Short description:

  • Complete project, job, client and supplier management abilities;

  • Codyt projects, which allow workflows to be completely automated, from order submission right to delivery of the final product and invoice preparation;

  • Management of linguistic resources (translation memories, project memories and terminology databases);

  • Online, collaborative Translation Editor (CAT tool);

  • Unique translation memory management capabilities: importing of individual translation memories, plus automatic creation and management of project memories storing all translated segments in a particular project;

  • Management of multiple machine translation systems;

  • Global Search, allowing instant searches inside all the resources in a project;

  • PDF to Word Converter, allowing creation of MS Word files from PDF documents for subsequent translation;

  • Report and Business Analytics capabilities;

  • API for developers;

  • Direct connection to Wordbee Beebox.

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