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MT Hive is an option available with Wordbee Translator's Client Portal that allows your clients to upload files and instantly obtain their translations using one of the Machine Translation systems available via API in Wordbee Translator. This advanced system will first translate the document(s) from the client memories and then, the empty segments will be pre-filled with MT suggestions. If the MT output is good enough, the client can directly download the translated documents. Alternatively, they can request a human post-editing service to improve the quality of the translation. Workflows can be automatically kicked off in order to reduce management tasks and help the customer save time and costs.

Check if your subscription includes the MT Hive Module by going to the License and usage tab under the Settings. If the feature is not activated or you would like to try it, please contact Wordbee or your Account Manager.


Thanks to MT Hive, the project manager will spend less time managing projects due to the automatic workflows that the system automatically initiates. When the client decides to post-edit an automatic translation, the system will automatically set costs, create a project and send jobs to the pre-defined post-editors.

Your clients, inhouse or external, can drag & drop files and obtain instant translations from translation memories and machine translation systems. Should the quality not be sufficient then clients can request a post-edit in two clicks. A complete post-editing workflow is then started including the creation of an order, a project and job workflows. Optionally, the client can subscribe to Microsoft Translator Hub to build and train their own machine translation system with your human post edits and memories.

Note that the MT engine of your choice can be enabled in Wordbee Translator, see this article Machine Translation.

Each client can have their own MT hive form so that you can attach their linguistic resources, customize their MT engine and add specific options (for example per domain, language combinations, etc.).

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