String filter (Filter)

Used in various places for filtering string properties. It supports prefix, suffix, infix, wildcard or regex searches as well as finding missing values.

Example: Run a prefix search to find “abc”, “abcd” but not “abxxx”:

"(string property)" : { "value": "abc", "mode": "Prefix" }


The value property is the string or pattern to search.

The mode property defines the type of search:

  • Plain : Find strings that match exactly.

  • Prefix: Find strings starting with the value.

  • Suffix: Find strings ending with the value.

  • Infix: Find strings containing the value

  • Wildcards: Find strings by this wildcard pattern. You can use * which stands for no character or any number of characters. Use ? to stand for zero or one character.

    • Example: “abc*xyz” finds “abcxyz”, “abc…” but not “…abcxyz…” or “alpha”

  • Regex: The value must be a valid regular expression. Please note that we only support the basic regex features.

  • Empty: Find strings without value. The value-property is disregarded and can be omitted with this mode.


In most cases, the search disregards case.

Unless otherwise specified with the property.


Find strings that are numbers:

"(string property)": { "value": "[0-9]+", "mode": "Regex" }

Find strings that contain “abc” in any position:

"(string property)": { "value": ".*abc.*", "mode": "Regex" }



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