Linguistic Quality Assessment (LQA) with ContentQuo

ContentQuo is an AI-powered platform designed to facilitate comprehensive Language Quality Assessment (LQA) programs. These programs are essential for evaluating various types of translations, including human translations, machine translations, and outputs from Large Language Models (LLMs).

The integration between Wordbee Translator and ContentQuo enables the seamless transfer of textual data for detailed evaluation. Within the ContentQuo platform, users gain extensive control over numerous aspects of their LQA activities, like sampling methods, the scheduling of assessments, the execution of different LQA processes, and the deployment of specific metrics for deeper analysis.

Through this integration, you gain access to several specialized products:

  • ContentQuo Evaluate HT: Designed specifically for human translations, this tool streamlines the evaluation process for your LQA program. You can automate quality assessments at scale, score translations and collect valuable data on translation accuracy and consistency.

  • ContentQuo Evaluate MT: This product is specifically designed to assess machine-generated translations at scale. Users can conduct quick human assessments using the Adequacy-Fluency model, MQM error annotation, and Edit Distance evaluations. In that way, ContentQuo Evaluate MT offers a robust framework for enhancing the accuracy and usability of machine translations.

  • ContentQuo Analyze: This tool is dedicated to the detailed analysis of translation data, delivering deep insights into translation quality. Users can instantly access visual insights on their linguistic quality KPIs from any source. It is equipped with a robust suite of analytics features, including quality trends, error category breakdowns, and vendor performance reports. Additionally, you can utilize more than 30 ready-to-use reports, with the option to request fully customized reports tailored to specific needs. The tool also supports data integration from various sources, such as ContentQuo Evaluate, offline scorecards, or TMS LQA data.

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