The Beebox Connector for WHATS'On makes translating content an efficient and user-friendly process. The connector receives content to translate, packages and streams it  to your translation team or provider, receives finished translations and pushes them back to WHATS'On.


Translation capabilities:

  • Interacts with WHATS'On through FTP (other mechanisms upon request)
  • Extracts any content from translation requests: 
    • Translatable XML nodes and attributes.
    • Meta data to control workflows and assignments, per each specific request.
    • Segment length constraints stored inside requests or defined as percentage.
  • Any source and target language(s.) – in any directions.
  • Multi target language requests are supported.
  • Auto-identify source and target languages from translation requests.
  • Comprehensive translation bundling options to optimize translation processes.
  • Isolates HTML markup to protect against unintentional tampering.
  • Connects to your preferred translation service providers, in-house team or TMS.
  • Easy tracking of running translation requests and comprehensive logs.
  • Automatically inserts completed translations back into the right places.


Translation review and editing:

  • Preview and approve translations prior to publishing updated content.


Translation cost optimization:

  • Automatically identifies if a sentence or paragraph has been translated in the past. The system automatically reuses the past translations and does not send that content again to your translation provider.
  • Automatically identifies repeating sentences and paragraphs in new content and sends these only once for translation. This may lead to a translation volume reduction of 20% or more. Your translation provider receives unique content only (option).
  • If your site has already been translated, you can have your existing translations aligned and submitted to your translation team for approval for future use.

Compatibility and Integration

  • WHATS'On is a highly flexible product and an integration specificity depends on your specific use case. We work with WHATS'On customers to adapt and configure the connector to your specific needs.
  • Let us talk about your WHATS'On setup and translation needs!


The connector integrates with WHATS'On via FTP.

Wordbee configures and adapts the connector to your specific setup, needs and workflows.



At a glance

WHATS'On, any version

Translates all content

Connects with your LSP or TMS


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With broadcast management software WHATS'On, you can easily launch new channels or set up additional, cost-effective on-demand services, while optimizing workflow and infrastructure.

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