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The Wordbee Beebox Connector for Adobe AEM makes translating content an efficient and user-friendly process. The connector lets you filter and select content for translation, send content to your translation team or provider, receive finished translations, and have Adobe AEM sites updated with a click.


Translation capabilities:

  • Any content – from pages, titles, subtitles, and descriptions (customizable).
  • Any source and target language(s.) – in any directions.
  • Any number of sites within each AEM instance.
  • Absolutely no manual export or import of translation files required. All jobs are completed using web services.
  • Automatically tracks which source content has been newly added or changed.
  • Automatically tracks which translated content was edited in AEM and may need final approval by translation provider.
  • Cost preview feature. (If you are an LSP, it lets content managers preview cost based on your costing scheme.)
  • Isolates the HTML markup to protect against unintentional tampering.
  • Connects to your preferred translation service providers, in-house team, or TMS.
  • Easy tracking of running translation requests.
  • Automatically insert completed translations back into the right places.

Send complete sites, sub-sections, or individual pages using the content selector page.

Translation review and editing:

  • Preview and approve translations prior to publishing updated content.
  • Supports the editing of translations directly in AEM, with the ability to send those edits to your translation team for linguistic approval.

Translation cost optimization:

  • It automatically identifies if a sentence or paragraph has been translated in the past. The system automatically reuses past translations and does not send previously translated content to your translation team.
  • Automatically identifies repeating sentences and paragraphs from the new translation requests and sends these only once for translation. This may lead to an overall translation volume reduction of 20% or more. Your translation provider receives unique content only (option).
  • If your site has already been translated, you can have your existing translations aligned and submitted to your translation team for approval, adding that content to your translation memories.


  • Works with Adobe AEM versions 5.x, 6.x up to 6.5.
  • Works with or without initial language copy.
  • Automatically updates/creates the target content tree. Locations can be customized per language. 
  • Supports high volume sites of hundreds of megabytes or more.
  • Freely adjust translatable fields using regular AEM component paths.
  • Does not interfere with existing AEM workflows.

Customize translatable fields with Adobe AEM component paths.


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The Beebox Connector is a regular Adobe AEM package (bundle). The package adds the user interface to manage translation jobs.

The Connector then talks to the Beebox middleware using the HTTP protocol. The Beebox server is installed at the AEM/CQ owner's premises, an AEM integrator, or a language service provider. A single Beebox server can connect any number of content management systems with any number of TMS'es or translation teams. Wordbee can provide a list of LSPs who already operate a Beebox server. 

Both Beebox Connector for Adobe AEM and Beebox are off-the-shelf products. Installation and configuration support can be provided by Wordbee upon request.

At a glance

Adobe AEM 5.x, 6.x

Translates all content

Connects with your LSP or TMS

Tracks content requiring translation

Built-in memories to reduce cost

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