Software Localization Connectors

Translate software efficiently and continuously whether we are talking desktop, server or web applications.

File Types

  • Localize resource/code files: XML, JSON, RESX, CSV, PO/POT, YAML, STRINGS, PROPERTIES, INI, TXT, ASP, IOS, DITA, MSG ...
  • Supports and protects HTML inside XML, JSON, CSV, EXCEL, YAML, PROPERTIES, STRINGS
  • Supports multi-language content in XML, JSON, CSV, EXCEL
  • Translate subtitles: SRT...
  • Protects HTML and XML markup against tampering by translators
  • Protects placeholders, template fields and codes against tampering using QA checks
  • View all formats

Source Repositories

  • Attaches to local or server source code directory:
  • Plain directories, GIT, TFS, SVN...

Smart Translation

Finds new and changed strings by itself:

  • Identifies added and changed strings inside files, automatically.
  • Ensures each strings, sentences, title... wherever it is located is translated just once.
  • Presents detailed statistics: Unique strings, Already translated strings, New strings

Can simulate translation for testing and validation:

  • Pseudo-translation for localization checks: All-Stars, Length change, Transformations... 
  • Machine translation like Google, Microsoft and others

Does "real" professional translation exactly when you need them: 

  • Create translation jobs, automatically from new or added content.
  • Exchange with translation teams using XLIFF or directly link to LSP or TMS
  • Apply QA rules to validate translations (e.g. proper placement of placeholders).

Why developer teams like it

  • Because Beebox takes care of scanning your source or other files automatically. You simply do not need to track what was changed.
  • Because it finds all changes and additions and ensures you pay your translators exactly what you'd expect. The same strings will never be translated more than once.
  • Because pseudo-translation lets you "preview" how your software adapts to different languages by adjusting text lengths.
  • Because machine translation lets you produce a preliminary fully functional multilingual software. Once approved move on to human translations, language by language or all at once.
  • Because it is an open system: HTTP API, webhooks, Powershell integration, plugin system and more. See the development guide.

At a glance

Translates software strings

Finds new and changed strings

Pseudo & machine translation

Creates human translation jobs

Protects html and xml markup

Demo, Trial and Pricing

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Supports common frameworks, languages, apps such as:

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