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Wordbee is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application intended for enterprises, language service providers and freelance translators that combines advanced translation project management, computer-aided translation and terminology management into one cloud environment. As an end-to-end system, it can be used to manage complex multilingual projects with real-time collaboration, automation, and high-security standards. 

Wordbee Translator streamlines the translation process and makes the collaboration between virtual teams easier, leading to increased productivity, consistency and quality. Additionally, it can integrate with your Content Management Systems (CMS) ensuring that your documents remain secure through the translation process and files are transferred automatically by the system. To use Wordbee, all that is required is an internet connection!


Here you are at the heart of our documentation portal, your gateway to understanding all platform capabilities of this end-to-end solution. 


API Documentation

Wordbee Translator APIs

Wordbee Translator comes with a powerful and web based API that lets you interact with the data stored in the Wordbee Translator platform.



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