Getting started with Machine Translation

What Machine Translation capabilities does Wordbee provide?

In Wordbee you can use Machine Translation in two ways:

Enable MT Hive for your customers

Wordbee MT Hive is a module that enables customers to request an instant translation via the Client Portal. Workflows can be automatically kicked off in order to reduce management tasks and save costs.

If the instant translation meets the quality expectations, the customer just needs to download the bilingual files. If the translation needs improvements, the customer can submit a request for post-editing and launch the workflow. See the articles below to learn how to work with MT Hive:

Connect to commercial MT engines

Wordbee Translator integrates with 12 commercial MT engines and it has recently added the Intento MT connector that gives one-stop access to a wide range of third-party machine translation systems. Check the articles below to learn how to configure and enable an MT engine.

After you have enabled the MT system you would like to use in your project, check the articles below to learn how to add the MT to your workflow. Depending on your access rights you will be able to use MT to handle full documents or only segments in the Translation Editor. Also, if projects have been set up to fully automate the use of MT (when launched via the Client portal, for example), you will then be able to trigger alternative workflows.

Learn more

If you are interested in implementing MT Post-editing in your localization workflow and you do not know where to start, here are some useful reference articles:

TAUS Post-editing articles

Wordbee blog articles on Machine Translation and Post-editing

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