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Subtitle translation can sometimes be really challenging for translators. Because text length is often a limitation, subtitles need to configure their editing environment with specific rules that take into consideration segment size, additional comments for context, etc. It would be almost impossible to validate subtitles without having them previously played in their final context. Subtitles are meant to be an additional layer in a video. Wordbee makes it possible to review them directly in the video module for subtitle preview. Wordbee supports the following formats: SRT subtitles, STL subtitles, and WebVTT subtitles.

Prepare your subtitle file

Updated versions of your subtitle file

Prepare your subtitle file

Configure a text extraction profile

The steps below shows you how to access the configuration settings of the SubRip subtitle format (SRT) files.

  • Go to Settings and use the search box to quickly find the SRT subtitles in Translation Settings > Document Formats.

Translation Settings - Document formats - SRT subtitles

General tab

The General filter settings for SRT subtitles enables you to do the following:

  • Subtitle ID and timestamps are extracted and shown to the translator.

  • Formatting elements <i>, <b>, <u> and <font> are shown as protected markup in the editor.

  • Formatting elements using curly brackets {i}, {b}, {u} and {font} are not protected in the editor.

Do not translate tab

Here you can configure regular expressions to capture those segments you do not want to translate.

Settings-SRT subtitles-Do not translate

QA tab

Use the QA tab to set up the QA options for length control and manage the size of your segments. This will allow you to set up a QA alert to inform the users that they will need to adapt the text to reach the limit you have defined for each segment.

You can find the options to define this in the QA tab of the text extraction profile, where a minimum and/or maximum value can be configured in different units (characters or percent).

You can even combine this rule with the Global Setting in the Translation Editor to prevent users from keeping typing text so that it is impossible to enter any additional character in the segment.


How to handle versions of your subtitle file

If the timing of your subtitle file has been reworked and a new version has been provided, you can upload the file in your project launching a "versioning process". Since all translations will be saved in the project memory, you will be able to retrieve them any time when updating a new version of the file. Learn more about this process in the document versions for Codyt or Standard projects. 

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