Access Rights

Access rights control what actions each user within Wordbee Translator is able to perform. Within the application, you will find several predefined user profiles to make user configuration quick and easy. However, in some scenarios, you might need to tweak the profiles to meet more specific needs. User accounts may be managed in three different areas: 

  • Inhouse

  • Suppliers

  • Clients

Each has their own pre-defined profiles, which may be applied to new or existing users to configure their access rights and are discussed in further detail below. This separation ensures that clients or suppliers are not able to view and access your company information. It keeps everything tightly segregated for the utmost security and ease of use.

See these How-to Articles on our Knowledge Base to learn how to customize users’ Access Rights for specific scenarios.


User profiles may be viewed at any time by clicking on Settings within the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Scroll down until you see the Accounts and Security section and then click on Configure located to the right of Access Rights within this section of the screen. 

For more information about viewing and managing access rights in Wordbee Translator, please see the following pages: 

Altering Rights for Existing Profiles

You do not have to use a specific user account to modify access rights; however, only the Administrator within Wordbee Translator has this capability. Besides using available pre-defined profiles for users, you also have the ability to alter the profile's access rights. For more information, see Editing Profile Access Rights.

Changing the access rights on a pre-defined (standard) profile will alter the permissions for every user currently assigned to that profile.

Creating Custom Profiles from existing ones

Additionally, you can avoid changing the permissions for every user by creating a custom profile from a pre-defined one. This will allow you to assign the custom profile to a user without affecting any other in-house or external users. For more information, see Creating Custom Profiles.

You may also view our Questions & Answers page to see how to resolve common questions regarding assigning, creating, and customizing access rights for user profiles within Wordbee Translator. 

Let's take a look at the current pre-defined profiles you have available within the application:

Inhouse User Profiles

Inhouse user profiles are designed to be used for your company and can be assigned to any user you see or create within the My Company link. Whenever you create a user for your company, one of the standard profiles listed below may be assigned to that user.

User Profile


User Profile



The Administrator has access to all functionality including license and login management.


The Manager can add, delete and edit all data without limitation. This includes projects, jobs, clients, suppliers, orders, invoices, logins and translation memories

Team Leader

The Team Leader manages translation projects with inhouse or external teams. He/She has full access to all projects, jobs, orders and translation memories but cannot add/delete users or companies.


The Worker's main role is to translate or revise. The Worker can further access the jobs of all other workers and read the related project and client information.

Worker (Limited)

The Limited Worker has access to his/her own jobs only. No other information, such as project or client information, is accessible.

Inhouse Client

The Inhouse Client can submit translation requests, communicate with the team and ultimately download the finished translations. No other data is accessible.

External User Profiles

External users can access data linked to their jobs or orders only. Whenever you create a user for a supplier or client, you attribute one of the user profiles below.

Supplier Profiles

User Profile


User Profile


External Manager

The External Manager is especially useful if more than one login was given to an external company: The manager can assign jobs to individual team members and edit their names, details and logins.

External Worker

The External Worker's role is to carry out translation, revision or proofreading work (jobs). This can be a freelance translator, an agency or any other person providing services to you.

External Worker (Limited)

Contrary to the default external worker, this profile gives a very limited view of information. Users exclusively see jobs assigned to them by the manager. They cannot change job status, communicate with the client, see cost information or other team members.


Client Profiles

User Profile


User Profile


External Client

The External Client is your typical client who submits translation requests, communicates with your team and downloads deliverables, all online via your workspace (the client portal).

External Client & Worker

The External Client & Worker can both submit translation requests and work on jobs at the same time. Jobs can be useful if you plan to collaboratively work with the client during revision or approval.

For more information about the management of access rights, please see:

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