SYSTRAN by Chapsvision

SYSTRAN by Chapsvision stands out as a pioneer in machine translation solutions, blazing trails since its inception in 1968. Translate text in 55+ languages with SYSTRAN fully secured professional translation solutions.

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How to obtain a key?

Before integrating with SYSTRAN, ensure you have the necessary API keys and access credentials. These can typically be obtained through your SYSTRAN account manager.

Depending on your SYSTRAN Translate plan, you may manage your API Keys under the User menu. An API key is unique and is used as the ID to obtain translations.

How to configure SYSTRAN in Wordbee Translator?

As an administrator, head to Settings and open the Machine Translation Systems page.
At the top right, click Add new and select SYSTRAN to create an MT profile page for that connector.

To enable this MT system, enter all account details from SYSTRAN, such as API key, URL, available language pairs and/or translation profiles.

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What are SYSTRAN Translation Profiles?

SYSTRAN Translation Profiles are often created for MT training purposes to improve the quality of your translation results. They can be created and customized on SYSTRAN side by adding to them your favorite resources, including dictionaries and translation memory files.

In SYSTRAN Translate, a Translation Profile can be created in just a few clicks, for more information please visit

Once you have created your Translation Profiles in SYSTRAN, you’ll be able to select them in your Wordbee Translator configuration.

Translation Profiles are optional in Wordbee, if you leave this section empty, SYSTRAN translate will select a default Translation Profile on your behalf.

Enable Neural Fuzzy Adaptation (NFA)

Neural Fuzzy Adaptation (NFA) is a feature connected to SYSTRAN’s Translation Profiles. It searches fuzzy matches in the Translation Memories associated with the engines defined in the Translation Profiles to enhance the machine translation quality and accuracy.

With the NFA (Neural Fuzzy Adaptation) feature, the translations provided by the SYSTRAN MT engine can be “inspired” on the fly by sample sentences that are provided in the translation request. When enabled, translations will search fuzzy matches in the Translation Memories associated with the used Translation Profile and apply NFA when possible.

To enable NFA, simply activate the option “Enable Neural Fuzzy Adaptation” within the Translation Memories section located on your SYSTRAN Translation Profiles* page.

*The feature requires adding at least a Translation Memory to a Translation Profile.

SYSTRAN’s NFA technology has several benefits: 

  1. It can globally have a positive impact and increase your productivity. In particular, by reducing the post-editing effort.

  2. Your MT Translation will be boosted to better match the tone and context of your text while taking inspiration from your Translation Memories.

  3. The translation quality will also improve, even for new content that hasn't been included in the machine translation training.

To learn more about SYSTRAN's Neural Fuzzy Adaptation (NFA) feature, please see

Support and Troubleshooting

For any issues during integration or operation, please consult the SYSTRAN support team:



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