How can I limit the offer of languages supported in MT Hive?

In recent years, MT support for specific language pairs has flourished in many ways. Many providers now offer 100+ language combinations, specialize in a specific domain field, and/or train custom models that provide high-quality MT results.

Wordbee makes it easy for administrators to tailor MT systems to be used for specific language combinations, where they perform best, or based on the way they need their users to interact with them.

By configuring a metaconnector in the MT profiles section, several MT engines can be linked through a single MT profile that can be made available in projects, orders, or jobs. When linked to self-service modules like MT Hive, using a metaconnector profile is the best way to make sure the language pairs that are proposed, adhere to end user expectations.

If we take Intento as an example, by default, all the languages they support are enabled when setting up the MT profile. It is possible to narrow down the language pairs that need to be proposed in MT Hive by using a metaconnector.

Configure MT Hive to support only specific language pairs

Follow the steps below to configure your MT Hive form with specific language pair(s) by using a metaconnector:

  1. Select the MT provider you wish to enable. For this example, we will be using Intento.
    See How to enable Intento MT in Wordbee Translator

  2. There is a Metaconnetor that uses your selected MT engines for each language pair you want to support in MT Hive.
    In this example, we need to make sure all language combinations required are configured. Please note, that you can also use the metaconnector to configure trained models, so the name of the MT profile could be based on the domain (ex. MT for finance, MT for health, etc.)
    See What is a Meta Connector?

  3. The Metaconnector you configured in step 2 is linked in the MT Hive form, as a new option or as the only option.
    See How to configure and assign MT Hive forms.

    View of a form configured with 3 options, one of which has Intento MT enabled just for some language pairs.


    1. Having several Options in the MT Form makes it possible for users to compare between several MT providers or several trained machines.
      Please note that the support for the languages is linked to the MT connector configured in each option, so ensure that you cover the expected pairs for each of them.

    2. If you only want to propose a single MT provider, just keep a single option enabled in the form.

Name each option according to your needs to make the selection easier by the end users.

What is the result in MT Hive?

If there is more than one option configured in MT Hive, users will see a dropdown menu with different options when they access MT Hive to machine translate text/files.

Otherwise, users will only get to select the source and target languages when filling out the fields on the screen. The languages proposed in the FROM/TO dropdown fields relate 1:1 to the ones configured in the metaconnector.


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