Download file to browser window.

Many methods in the API that download or generate files, do not send back the file immediately. Instead they return a "token". The present method permits to fetch the actual file for the token.

NOTE: The HTTP response is configured so that a browser will attempt to render the file in a browser window. See also: media/get/{token}


(GET) /api/media/get/{token}/stream?rangemaxmb=



The reference token of file.

Mandatory, string

Optional. For us in special video streaming cases only or if client/browser submits http range requests.

Permits to set the maximum size in megabytes of a range of data returned to the browser. Recommended, if video is shown for the purpose of subtitling where only very small ranges need to be downloaded. The value is restricted to 1 MB to 100 MB.

Optional, int?


An HTTP response properly formatted with name of file, media type etc. Typically you would expose the URL above as a hyperlink.


If you want to always have a browser download the file to disk, use this method instead: media/get/{token}

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